Monday, February 19, 2007

Musical Tastes, Sunny Faces

I was at the grand re-opening of Magic Johnson's newly purchased and renovated Burger King here in North Miami and the event was being covered by a couple of TV crews and WEDR-FM radio's 99 JAMZ van, which was also supplying a bit of music for the occasion. I liked the way they'd gone to all the trouble to paint the van to go so nicely with the T-shirt that they'd given me. Even more striking was just how much the rays of the sun in the picture resembled my hair and my beard radiating out from my face.

The cheerful look on my face was due to my eager anticipation of some good loud rap and hip hop music, but what with the mayor and half of city hall over there that never materialized. Oh, the music was there alright, but the decibles weren't. Actually I had a pretty good time!


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