Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Long Day's Night - After The Camera Show

Photo Copyright (C)2007 James Mitchell

For years I've been going to the annual camera show at the North Miami Armory. It's more like a photographic flea market, really. Everything from beat up old lens hoods to filters that fit God only knows what lens, junker cameras only good for parts or props to pristine examples of rare Leica models complete with original box, intruction book and papers. Dozens of dealers set up on tables in rows throughout the armory. Two things set this show apart from past ones for me.

The first thing was that they moved it from the armory six blocks west of my house to one on 28th St. and 7th Ave. just north of downtown Miami. It was no longer just a pleasant walk to check it out. The other difference is that my friend James Mitchell was in Miami on a business trip. He'd been wanting to come to one of these shows for a long time. Now he could!

After we'd gone around looking at all the tables, admiring things we couldn't afford and/or didn't need, we went out for a late lunch and came back to my house. I figured that while James was checking his Email I'd grab a few winks on the sofa, but it seems James shot a few frames of me while I dozed. Today he Emailed me this photo shortly after he got back to Washington. Thanks, James!

And what did I buy at the show? I picked up a few fabric neck straps for a buck apiece because Todd asked me to look for some for him. There was one dealer with tons of darkroom odds and ends. He had several items I would have grabbed had the prices been in line with reality, but no way will I pay more for a used item than I can easily get it for brand new.


Blogger James Mitchell said...

They had some nice Bolex 16mm cameras, and a nice 50mm chrome Summilux that the M3 wouldn't part with. Oh, to have a lot of free cash...

9:53 PM  

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