Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catch A Ride To The End Of The Highway..........SCOTT GALVIN

For somebody with political ambitions you might figure that getting elected president is "the end of the highway" but my friend Scott Galvin is quite content at this point to be running for re-election for his seat on the North Miami City Council. Elections are coming up in May and his campaign is just starting to shape up, but it's time to get out there, be visible, get on TV, whatever it takes to make himself appear invinceable and unbeatable. It's a lot easier to just be riding back into office with no competition than it is to mount a full campaign. Scare off the competition! Nip it in the bud.

So Magic Johnson was in town for the grand reopening of the Burger King he'd purchased and the TV cameras and radio and newspaper reporters were on hand. That's Scott in the white shirt and blue tie, complete with a big (but sincere) grin on his face as he stands just to the right of Magic in this picture. Time to start getting his face out there and his name in the paper. Not to mention being featured in The Price of Silver!

There are a few other shots from the event, along with more information about it if you scroll down a bit. If you live in North Miami Scott Galvin would appreciate your vote. Thanks.



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