Sunday, February 25, 2007

Love At First Whiff ~ A Dancing Dog Relaxes

If I'm already at Starbucks when Gloria arrrives this little dog leaps out of her purse. She bounds across the patio until she's maybe ten feet away, and then gets up on her hind legs to strut the rest of the way. Sometimes she does a few piroettes to get my attention, and then she needs help to get in my lap. We sniff one anothers' noses and I get my face licked. That dog is in love! Other times the dog is there first and yips with joy until I kneel down, tickle her chin, and ask her permission to go get some coffee. She gets this really sad look on that cute little face until a come back outside a few minutes later.

What I really love are the photographs of the two of us. We both have mops of unruly and unkempt hair, and some white whiskers on our chins. For the last few weeks nobody has seen Gloria or her dog, though, or knows where they might have gone.


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