Friday, March 02, 2007

Her Cheatin' Heart

Last year Monkey went to San Francisco for a few weeks. That's a major journey for a 62 year old toy monkey, athough he travelled in comfort via Prority Mail. He visited my friend Todd Frederick, saw the sights, got a gold earing in his left ear, and probably would have gotten some tatoos also, but it's kind of difficult to tatoo plush fabric.

When he got back from his trip I picked him up at the North Miami Post Office and discovered that he'd returned with a new girlfriend, Monkette. He then proceeded to explain that people were wrong. "DOM" doesn't stand for Dirty Old Man! It's short for Dirty Old Monkey, and he likes 'em young! A lot of nights though, he sits home in his chair pretending to watch TV, but mostly dozing. Monkette talks me into taking her to Starbucks with me!

With several nearby universities it's a favored hangout for students, and on any given evening you'll find half a dozen pre-med students pouring over anatomy books or reading up on chemistry, whether drinking coffee or just enjoying the night air. Here Monkette is involved in a heated discussion with one of them on the differences in the articulation of the shoulder joints between humans and monkeys, but really what's going on is she's hoping to find a new gentleman friend with more spunk and energy than Monkey has. I think she's also figured out that in a few years these guys will be making the Big Bucks and she has her heart set on driving around in an Italian sports car and taking Carribean vacations, while Monkey prefers watching the first half of old movies before falling asleep in his chair.


Blogger Fosco Gamgee Whitfurrows said...

Just stumbled on your blog, Al, and find it captivating. I'm a big fan of monkey already, and feel he deserves better than Monkette.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Al Kaplan said...

Thanks, Fosco. Monkey was my childhood toy and is about 62 years old. He's close to falling apart. When he visited Todd Frederick in San Francisco a few months ago he came home with a gold earing and Monkette. I agree tha Monkey has more character but I'm afraid of losing or damaging him. Monkette stays on the passenger seat of my truck holding a small Starbucks cup on her lap so she's always ready for a quick photo. I'll try to convince Monkey that he needs to get out of his little chair on occasion and spend a day posing for some new photographs.

8:37 AM  

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