Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This Won't Hurt A Bit!

I came out of Walgreens and noticed this "Wellness Tour" bus sitting there and the fine print said "Free". I couldn't resist!

I must be one of the few trusting cheapskates left in North Miami. I went inside and this woman was there alone, ready to check out the state of my health. A few days before I'd written out a substantial check at Dr. Katz's office to get essentially the same rudimentry series of health tests, but it was with a real doctor. I figured that a second opinion never hurts. At Dr. Katz's office I read magazines for quite awhile. A couple of people were ahead of me and they hadn't been seen as yet.

Here the waiting room was empty and I was quickly weighed, temperature taken, blood pressure checked, as was my heart beat. I said "yes" to do I smoke? ...and "no" to do I drink? Then she pricked my finger. That's what's going on in the photo. I don't care what they tell you, that always hurts. When everything was over with I discovered that Dr. Katz had been correct. I should keep on living for quite awhile.


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