Saturday, March 17, 2007

Same Old Cameras, Different Armory ~ The Annual Show

James Mitchell was thrilled to be in Miami the weekend of the annual camera show at the armory in February. I was less thrilled because they'd moved it from the North Miami Armory about half a mile from my house to an armory at 700 N.W. 28th St., closer to downtown Miami. I was amazed that this armory looked like it had been made from the exact same plans as the other, except that a dropped ceiling had been added at some point.

Nancy Green, who promotes camera shows, probably decided to switch venues because the North Miami Armory is scheduled to be torn down, along with the nearby North Miami Jr. and Senior High Schools. After half a century or so of use it was decided to build all new buildings. It'll be a couple of years before the new armory is ready. I hope she moves it back.

We had a fun time looking at all the stuff we didn't want and didn't need. I'd hoped to find some Leica cassettes at a reasonable price, but didn't find any. This dealer was fascinated by my use of the 15mm lens.

I think Nancy Green had some tongue-in-cheek fun choosing her Email address. Usually "NG" stands for "no good" but those are her initials. If you want to be put on her notification list for upcoming shows Email


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