Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Front Steps At Mary Poh's Trailer

photo by (c)2005 James Mitchell

Mary is 84 years old and I stop by there a few times a week to check on her or take her to the supermarket. One time I stopped by there when James Mitchell was with me and now everytime he's in Miami he wants to stop by and say hello. He was playing around with my Leica CL equipped with a 40mm Leitz Summicron when he liked the composition of me and the cat. Mary was out of frame on the right as I was talking with her.

Mary is very much The Neighborhood Cat Lady, with the legally allowed four cats in her trailer, plus often a litter of kittens as well. Then she feeds a bunch of "outside" cats that hang around for the free munchies. This is one of the relatively tame "outside" cats.

A few months ago her landlord moved her to a slightly smaller trailer a few blocks away. It's a lot newer and in much better condition, as well as being much closer to the little convenience store. I don't know how he plans to get the cat "smell" out of the old trailer, but after all those cats and kittens (plus a small dog) living there for close to ten years they've very much "marked their territory". The place stank to high heaven! Well, at least it was a nice day and we were able to visit while sitting outdoors on her patio.


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