Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ain't Life A Gas? Fill Her Up!

Every time I think of buying gas these days I keep wondering if it really is costing me more to feed this baby's automatic transmission than the old truck with the stick shift was costing me. I never did check the actual fuel consumption on the other one, and now I'm afraid that I really don't want to know just how much this one is eating on a per mile basis. On a per week basis I have no idea whether the extra five bucks or so is all due to higher pump prices or partly a result of the automatic transmission.

I'd just had a new clutch installed, along with brake pads, a muffler, and a brand new set of tires when a woman went sailing through a stop sign and broadsided me. Fortunately she hit the passenger side and nobody was sitting there. Nobody was really hurt. The insurance company totaled the truck. I called my dealer and he had this one sitting there, low mileage and ready to go. A bit of paperwork and I was driving a maroon Toyota Tacoma instead of a blue one.


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