Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SCOTT GALVIN RE-ELECTED to North Miami City Council

North Miami elections are just five weeks away now and I hadn't heard of anybody challenging Scott Galvin for his seat on the city council so far. The mayor, Kevin Burns, has competition though.


Well, the filing deadline has now passed and I just got an Email from a very elated Councilman Galvin. The campaign is over! There is no challenger for the seat. Scott's in for another term. Congratulations, Scott!

This picture was right after the campaign got under way. One day I came home and found the Galvin sign on my fence, but I was expecting it. The next day I found it bent over upside down like in this photo. I have no idea if it was neighborhood kids or somebody who doesn't like Scott. The very next day I had a 4x8 foot Galvin sign on my front porch...LOL. I'd saved one from the last election, and then Scott asked me if I could bring it to his campaign kick-off party. I guess after this election I'll get a new one. They're all over town.

As for this one, the bent over one, I straightened the wires and the sign has been sitting there unmolested ever since. It's a good location, on the corner of a semi-main avenue. If somebody swipes it I'll just replace it with one of those Scott Galvin 4x8 footers! Now that the election is over with what else can he do with them?


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