Sunday, June 17, 2007

Can You Really Judge A Man By His Toys?

Hey, it's not my fault that I was given a toy monkey when I was a toddler. I guess that it is kind of amazing that I still have Monkey after going on 63 years now, and he's still a frisky little fellow. A few months ago on a previous trip to the San Francisco area he met up with Monkette, dragging her back to North Miami with him. Now Monkey has wanderlust again and is back to checking out the west coast chicks while Monkette stays with me.

I decided that she needed a bit of excitement so she went with me to the post office, the bank, and we ended up at Starbucks for some coffee. I've known for ages that Monkey was a chick magnet but that day I discovered that Monkette also posessed The Magic!

This lady came out to the patio coffee in hand and asked me what the story was, why was I sitting there with a toy monkey? I guess you don't see too many men my age carrying around stuffed animals. I started telling her the story and I invited her to join me at the table. She thought it was so sweet that I still had my childhood toy, and she chuckled when I told her about Monkey's travels over the past few months. I supplied her with the link to The Price of Silver and I haven't seen her since. I guess that I'll have to take Monkette out for coffee again.


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