Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Elena Kaplan!

The pony ring is only about a quarter of a mile from the house and Elena would get excited every time we'd drive by. She loved pony rides! She had just about turned three when I shot this photo of her. I think that this was her first solo ride around the ring, with no teenager leading the pony by the reins. She was so proud of herself!

The pony ring is still there, in the same location, and I drive by it every day. Whenever I see it my mind fills with happy memories of when Elena was young and the world was full of wonder, and how five years later her younger brother Jonathan would experience many of the same things. All wonderful memories!

Now the kids are all grown up. Elena is living in Atlanta, a succesful tax attorney, and just like her daddy she's involved in her community and local politics. A few months ago Elena became an aunt. Jonathan and his wife Deborah had a girl by the name of Gabriella. Now when I drive by the pony ring I think about Gabriella visiting her Grandpa and riding those ponies in a couple more years. I just wish they all lived close by so I could see them more often and celebrate their birthdays with them. Today is Elena's birthday!

Thanks for all those great memories, Elena. Have a Happy Birthday, and many more.


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