Thursday, May 31, 2007

Political Consultant Monkette Gets Congratulated At Mayor Burns' Victory Party

I had a lot of fun on THEPRICEOFSILVER during Mayor Kevin Burns' re-election campaign, using Monkette in many of the photos and treating her as if she was a real person in the captions. By carefully choosing the right "key words" (Thanks for the tips about Google, Jon Sinish!) anybody googling for election information usually got this blog in the top three listings, often beating out the stories in the Miami Herald.

What never occurred to me was just how many women here in North Miami stumbled across Monkette's adventures and passed around the name of the website. When I showed up at the victory party I was greated with a resounding "Where's Monkette?" A quick trip out to the truck and she was at the party complaining, as usual, about the poor planning by the caterer...NO BANANAS.

After making the rounds and congratulating Mayor Kevin Burns she decided to sit at the kids' table with Kevin's daughter Autumn and her friends. Monkette had produced a succesful media campaign on the internet and needed to unwind a bit. It was play time!


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