Monday, May 21, 2007

"A Little Off The Sides..."

Dawn keeps saying that when a man has a head of hair like mine at 64 he should flaunt it, not cut it, but the beard was getting kind of unruly looking, and just a bit of trim around the ears seemed in order as long as she was doing the clip thing. Hair is rich in nitrogen, plants like nitrogen, so doing the trim in the yard is good for the environment. It keeps the lawn looking lush.

A few weeks later I got talked into getting a "real" haircut (at a barber shop, no less!). I don't like the new look and others seemed to agree with me. Then a couple of days ago the duppies (sp?) got ahold of me and the next thing I knew I was standing by the sink in the bathroom, razor in hand, but I saved the whiskers in a zip-lock bag. I'm going to present it to Penny Valentine at the Chamber of Commerce. She's been yelling at me for months now "Shave that damned thing off already!" and Penny is a Lady of the Old School and she doesn't throw the "D" word around lightly!

I might keep the face bare for awhile but the head hair has started to grow back. I happen to like the way it looks, I just love the way older women admire it, and how they ask if they can run their fingers through it, but best of all is seeing the expressions on their bald husbands' faces when the do it. And my secret? DRUGS! I been doin' Finasteride for about 15 years now, 5mg every day!


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