Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grey Bearded Guys And Their Toy Monkeys

Doug was leaving Starbucks for his usual daily bicycle ride of forty or fifty miles and Monkette was getting sick of hanging around waiting to see if the mayor would show up for another photo op with her to hopefully boost his ratings a bit. The election was just a few days away but Doug offered to take her with him on the bike, a first for her. She'd never been on a bicycle before. After a bit of discussion we reached a compromise. Doug would take her on a whirl around the parking lot and the Big Ride would be another day. Doug left and we enjoyed our coffee.

A few days later I started thinking that we might really be on to something here. I discovered this article on the internet:

Will Chimp Life Get Human Rights?
By Barbara Ehrenreich, AlterNet. Posted May 11, 2007.

"Hiasl, a 26-year old Austrian-based chimpanzee, is petitioning the courts for human status, and let me be the first to extend him a warm welcome to our species."

Well, that's Austria, not the United States, but once the human rights groups and the United Nations start waving the banners it's only a matter of time. Mayors that campaign with toy monkeys will soon be courted by the major political parties, and perhaps in just two more election cycles we'll have a chimpanzee in the Oval Office. What an improvement THAT will be!


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