Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Waiting for The Election Results...

The wind was from the west, just a gentle breeze really, but enough to blow the smoke from the peat fires in the Everglades over the city. I was having a coffee before picking up Monkette at the house, and then we headed over to city hall for the ballot counting. After all the campaigning she did on Kevin Burns' behalf she wasn't about to miss that for anything. No way!

With Kevin defending his seat as mayor against a former city councilman, Jean Monestime, a Haitian, the city was unfortunately polarized along racial and ethnic lines. The city council chambers where the votes were being counted was standing room only, and the overflow watched it on TV monitors in the lobby just outside the chambers. There were a few blacks wearing Burns T-shirts and vice-versa.

The final tally had Burns winning 3415 to 2955 after seesawing back and forth as each precinct was announced, sometimes putting one ahead by a few votes, then the other by a few votes. A solid showing for Burns in the absentee results clinched it.

Monkette had a great time at the victory party, and I have pix of her with the mayor, with his daughter Autumn, and several other people who requested the privilege. Also pix of me with the mayor and Monkette and a few other notables. A LOT of the ladies had found this blog recently, or been told about it, and just love my having Monkette campaigning for Kevin like that. Most of the men think I'm daft...LOL

One of the women has actually been going back through the entire thing, all of the nearly 500 entries, reading it all and looking at the photos. She remembers going to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan concerts and love-ins in the park. I guess she was a really hot chick back then. She's still not bad looking forty years later, and she has a gorgeous full head of longish red hair.


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