Friday, May 04, 2007

Re-Elect North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns

The election is coming up on Tuesday and Monkey is goofing off in the San Francisco area, visiting a couple of lady photographers and seeing the sights. Fortunately Monkette stayed at home and has been helping me distribute campaign literature. She's been waving her American flag and carrying around a Kevin Burns bumper sticker.
Kevin is winding up his first two year term, and he's worked hard for the city and its residents. For the first time in fifty years we're getting a brand new high school, middle school, and elementry schools. We're getting a new olympic training facility. Downtown has been spruced up with new facades and landscaping on all the stores and offices, and money has been made available to lower income homeowners to repair and repaint their houses. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is expanding. The property tax millage rate has been reduced while roads and parks have been improved. All in all a good and effective leadership for our city.
I was shocked when I read this morning's Miami Herald. There was an article about the guy who is running against Kevin. Jean Monestime served one term as a city councilman, but during the couple of years since then I haven't seen that much of him. In the interview his biggest issue was that the Haitian community needs to show just how powerful it is by electing him to office. His campaign literature make no mention of anything he's done for the city. It makes no mention of anything he's planning on doing. Instead, it concentrates on finding fault with everything that Kevin has done.
We live in a multi-ethnic community where everyone seems to get along just fine, but Jean seems hell bent on stirring up racial and ethnic devisivness. We have Haitians on the City Council, we have a black female police chief and a black city manager. City hall, public works, the library and the police department all have a mix of people getting along quite nicely with one another. If it ain't broke don't fix it. My vote goes to Kevin.
(Monkette is too young to vote.)


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