Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Playing Hide And Seek With The Sun And The Wind And The Rain

Part of the patio is under a roof but without walls on three sides, the rest depends on these umbrellas for protection. The patio is exposed to the east, south, and west so if it's a sunny day the umbrellas offer scant shade and their shadows are constantly moving. People seem to always be moving tables and chairs around to stay out of the sun.
When it rains the umbrellas are far too small, and the wind always seems to blow some drops under the roofed area also. On the chillier days of winter the breeze itself sweeps through, making everyone miserable. Still, I guess that's better than being pelted with rain or drenched in sweat.
This morning it was just right. A light breeze, a hazy sky, mild temperatures, and only the threat of some rain later in the day. I guess I can't look happy unless I have something to complain about...LOL


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