Monday, April 23, 2007

Unwinding In The Afternoon

I never know whom I'll run into when it's afternoon coffee time at Starbucks, but often as not it's an international get together. Lumumba, with his raised hands, is from the Transvaal in South Africa, Gloria is from extreme northern Italy near the Swiss border, and Petr hails from the Czech Republic. Gloria's little grey poodle and I are from the United States, seemingly a rarity here in South Florida.

The dog is the only one of us who doesn't drink some variety or another of coffee. When Gloria goes in for coffee they always give her a little cup for the pooch, which Gloria then fills with bottled water from her purse. No common tap water for this spoiled little cutie! No way. Nothing but the best.

Petr, an avid tennis player who plays almost every day, got into a heated discussion with Lumumba about which country in the world produced the most top tennis players. When he discovered that yes, Lumumba plays also, they talked about getting together for a few sets. I'm hoping to be there to photograph the action.


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