Monday, April 16, 2007

Look Ma! No Hands!

Here's another shot of me straight out of the shower with my still wet hair combed straight back. Yuck!

When we were kids and first learned to ride and steer our two-wheelers by balance alone we'd call out "Look Ma! No Hands!" with all the pride we could muster while poor Ma was about to have a heart attack, terror struck that we'd surely kill ourselves. Well, I survived, but I could hear the little kid in me shouting out the words when I first looked at this picture, just a trace of impish grin on my face.

When I started doing these "self-portraits", holding the camera in my outstretched hand, the arm was cut off at the shoulder. There was only one hand showing in the picture. Sometimes the left one, other times the right, but only one, never two.

It was a bright clear sunny Florida morning and I remembered the time when Florida meant picture post cards showing girls in one piece swim suits, orange trees laden with fruit, flamingos wading in the shallows, but most of all, palm trees! I decided that I wanted those palm trees in a photo with me! My arms are only so long and I usually take up a fair amount of the photograph. I'd either obscure the palm trees or overwhelm them. In order to get a more distance between the camera and myself I set it down on the square base of the closest column and used the self timer to release the shutter.


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