Thursday, April 12, 2007

Invasion Of The Little Green Women

Well, what do you expect? It's the season for St. Patrick's Day, Scott Galvin was kicking off his re-election campaign for city council, Galvin is an Irish name, all his signs are green, so one thing leads to another and you end up with Judy Feldman all dressed in green. Feldman is hardly an Irish name, but the saying goes that on St. Patrick's Day everybody is Irish.

Me, I'm just lurking on the sidelines as usual, continuing my photographic record of the North Miami political scene just as I've done since I first started shooting for The North Dade Journal way back in the late 60's. Monkey couldn't make it because he's out in San Francisco on a photo shoot, but I'm thinking that I might just take Monkette to some of the victory parties after the election next month. I already told her that if she wants a green dress she should talk to Judy!

Meanwhile, Monkey has scheduled two back to back weeks of photo shoots with two different female wedding photographers in the S.F. area, then just tonight I heard from a couple of guys in Orlando who'd like to host Monkey for a photo shoot, so Monkey will probably be coming home via Orlando. I also heard from a guy in Chicago complaining about the lousy weather, but so far no invite for Monkey to go to The Windy City.

If you'd care to check up on Monkey's cavorting with the California girls then click here:


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