Thursday, April 05, 2007

Typical Highland Village Mansion

This is an unusual shot, a photograph with my 15mm lens and I'm NOT in the picture. I used the lens because the extreme wide angle perspective exagerates the distance from the camera to the subject. In this case I was perhaps two feet from the mailbox and another ten feet from the trailer, yet the yard looks relatively spacious. Until two weeks ago this was Mary Poh's home, the place where she lived with her little dog Spuds and an unknown number of cats. Lots of cats!

Then her mind started slipping, and she went into the county hospital for evaluation. I came by just to take one last look at the place and get a photo or two. I won't be dropping by for coffee anymore, or taking her to her doctors' appointments, or shopping at the grocery and drugstores. I suppose that a new tenant will soon be moving into the trailer.


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