Saturday, April 07, 2007

Councilman Scott Galvin Negotiates Peace Accords With Former Rebel Leader Al Kaplan

Actually that headline is a bunch of malarky! But looking at that wild mop of hair, the beard, the rumpled shirt, and the look on my face, it just seemed to fit. I've since trimmed the beard and I got a haircut, but it's been fun doing these self-portraits with a variety of hairstyles and facial hair, and I just love the "acting" aspects of appearing in all of these photographs.

Scott had been gearing up his re-election campaign and I'd shot some recent photographs of him. I was at his office to drop off the photos and discuss the upcoming campaign kick-off party. I told him that I still had one of the 4x8 foot signs from the last election and he was elated. Nobody else had saved one! I promised that I'd bring it to the party where we put it outside the community center, just in case somebody wasn't quite sure where they were going.

The party was a big success. Scott has been doing a great job on the council and everybody seems to like him. He's now got his whole district supplied with yard signs and mini-billboards. You can't go a block without seeing a few of them. I guess that scared off anybody who might have wanted to run against him for the seat. The last day for filing came and went, and Scott was declared the winner. Now I guess I have to steal one of the new big signs and save it for the next election. Congratulations, Scott!


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