Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grey Beard Guy

Before my recent haircut I'd shampoo my hair, add a bit of conditioner, towel off the excess water, and like a wet dog just give my head a good shake. When it dried it looked like it does in the next post below. On this particular morning for some unknown reason I'd decided to comb the wet hair straight back and see if it would dry straighter, be a bit more manageable. It did dry straighter but it was even less manageable. I tried again a few days later, then decided a good fast shake was the way to go. While I do have a mostly grey streak in front, when it dries into its normal unruly mass of curls that seems to blend in with the rest of the salt and pepper. The grey becomes less obvious and the slightly receding temples are covered. It's all about vanity.

I finally gave in about a week ago and visited Ray's Barber Shop. Now Claudia, my ex, doesn't keep telling me "You look like a street person! You're a respected member of the community! Get a haircut!"

So this morning I'm reading the Sunday paper, drinking my morning coffee on the patio at Starbucks, when I hear my name being called. It was Mayor Kevin Burns, who was about ten feet away in the drive-through line. "Why'd you cut your hair? I almost didn't recognize you! It looked better the way you were wearing it."

We chatted a few minutes about the upcoming May election, I got some more Re-Elect Kevin Burns For Mayor stickers, and I promised that I'd let my hair grow back. After all, I get paid ten bucks a month for being on the city's Board of Adjustment, and all I get from Claudia is the occasional cup of coffee.


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