Thursday, April 19, 2007

Surgery To Remove Excess Growth From My Head

As a kid I hated barbers as much as I hated dentists. Hair itself has no nerves in it so the cutting doesn't hurt, but before "barbers" became "Hair Stylists" (and doubled and tripled their prices) they used to just cut it dry. Now you get a double shampoo followed by conditioner, the hair is towel dried, then cut while still wet.

Wet hair when cut off tends to stick together in little bunches while dry hair falls helter skelter in individual strands. The worst thing when I was a kid was getting a "crew cut" where the barber did all the cutting with electric clippers. Each succeeding pass of the clippers would turn another eigth of an inch or so of hair into tens of thousands of little double ended needles. No matter how tightly the strip of tissue was wrapped around your neck, or the cape around the tissue, some of that hair would find its way into your shirt.

Then just to make sure that you'd spend the rest of the day itching like crazy the barber would shake some powder on a brush and brush around your neck as first the cape and then the tissue was removed. Even more bits of itchy scratchy hair found its way down into your shirt. Putting your jacket on dislodged some of it, so it could work its way lower still inside the shirt, and by the time you'd walked home it had figured out how to get past your belt and you were itching in places where a proper young gentleman doesn't scratch when in polite company.

Maybe I'll risk another trim next year. Maybe not.


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