Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Man In The Yellow Cape

For about fifteen years I got my hair "styled" by my friend Frederick Meyer, owner of The Hair People. About the time that he sold the shop I met Vivette Thomas, owner of Vivette's Ultimate Hair Design. Problem solved! We were soon fishing together and living together. While Frederick cut my hair a bit full to cover the tops of my ears Vivette liked it shorter on the sides but with a bit of a tail in the back, just an inch or so, rather than tapering it in to my neck. She cut my hair for about fifteen years also, but the live-in relationship ended after about nine years.
She didn't want me living there anymore mostly because of friction with her older son, but she wouldn't let go. Finally, a year ago last October I decided to cut off all contact. About the same time I'd been going through my photo files and run across some photographs of myself back in 1973 and 1974 with shoulder length curly hair. I decided to stop getting it cut!
I also decided to let my beard grow and soon had a full beard. I was slowly heading back to shoulder length hair also. My ex, Claudia, kept telling me that I "look like a street person! Go cut your hair." I didn't know where to go.
One day I was coming out of Walgreens after dropping of some film at the one-hour lab. I noticed the Ray's Barber Unisex sign down at the end of the row of shops, next to the Radio Shack. What the hell! I had cash in my wallet and an hour to kill. I went in.
I don't like it, everybody kids me about it, the women (and a guy or two also) tell me I looked better with the curly mop of unruly hair like in the photographs above. Claudia loves the new haircut. A lot of good that does! She's my ex...


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