Monday, April 30, 2007

The Blonde In The Black Blouse

I think that this might have been very the first time that I was in this bank building. I've been a customer for nearly twenty years. When I first started using the place their office was half a block from Claudia's antique shop and I was still married to Claudia. By the time we got divorced and I was living with Vivette they'd moved the bank forty blocks north and it was directly across the street from Vivette's hair salon. About the time Vivette and I split up the bank built a brand new building right on U.S. 1 about half way between the hair salon and the antique shop, and by then Claudia and Vivette were best friends.
Donna is the regular teller at the drive-through and I see her a couple of times a week on the average. This day, though, I'd ventured inside because it was time to order checks, I'd put it off until the last minute thinking that I still had another box (which I couldn't find) and I wanted to save the few days it would have taken to order by mail.
During a lull in the drive-through traffic Donna came over to see just what had brought me into the bank. She then informed me that she could have handled it at the window, and there was no need for me to go inside. A few days later I made a deposit and she stuck my box of checks in the drawer along with my deposit slip. When I got home I checked the numbers and sure enough there is a box of 200 unused checks someplace in my office. I've looked everyplace. Oh well, I guess they'll turn up eventually.


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