Saturday, April 28, 2007

Starting A New Day, Contemplating The Plan

It wasn't my first smoke of the day, and I'd already drank some coffee at home, but I was still trying to kick start my brain into high gear. The morning's paper had an article about the effects of nicotine and caffeine on the brain, how they give us a pleasurable sensation while increasing our ability to think clearly and solve problems more easily. How they seem to work best when both are present together, and how nicotine at least seems to slow down and perhaps even reverse the ravages of Alzheimers as age takes its toll on our brains.
A lot to contemplate so early in the day! Suddenly smoking might just be good for me! A seismic shift in the medical community's attitude? Perhaps. A few months before I'd read an article about moderate smoking having an effect sort of like a "suntan" on the lung tissue, protecting it from a plethora of damaging toxins in the atmosphere that might otherwise give it a "sunburn". Was it just a matter of months before Starbucks would start supplying me with free cigarettes, and actually be paying me to help the non smokers think clearly? Probably not, but it's an interesting thought...


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