Friday, April 27, 2007

Sophia, A Dainty Little Handfull

Gloria love teaching tricks to Sophia, and the little dog really seems to love the attention it brings her. There are a number of things that Sophia will do for other people, those that she knows well enough, like walking and dancing on her hind legs.
Here she's sitting upright in Gloria's hand, something she'll do only for Gloria, and then only while facing Gloria, their eyes in contact the entire time. She acts like she's scared of falling, which makes little sense really, because she can easily jump to the ground if she wants. She does just that when Gloria tells her to. I keep trying to get her to sit in my hand but she gets really hyper and nervous the instant I start to loosen my hold on her with my other hand. I guess it just takes time to win a girl's trust. I'll keep trying.


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