Sunday, April 29, 2007

Analog Time, A Time From The Past

You about never see wrist watches anymore. It's almost like a return to the early years of the twentieth century, except instead of pulling out a big pocket watch by its chain and flipping up the cover you have to dig it out from where ever and open it up. There, in little tiny numbers, it says the EXACT time, brought to you by the cell phone company.
Half the time it's too dark to see without actuating the light display, and all the time you're still dealing with those tiny little numerals. Good old fashioned clocks and watches used hands pointing to the minute and the hour around the dial. Analog time, not digital. The human brain soon becomes adept at glancing at the position of the hands, and knows the time whether or not you can see well enough to read the numbers. The brain is an amazing thing.
The brain has allowed us to manufacture time pieces of incredible precision and accuracy, even send the information from the phone company to the cell phone or elsewhere. It changes itself from standard time to daylight savings time without our intervention. So how come the time on my phone is exactly five minutes slower than the time on my computer? Which one is correct?
And what about those people that at first glance seem to have gone mad, walking solo down the street, seemingly talking to nobody while gesticulating wildly with both hands? They have a little phone attached over their ear. Look Ma, no hands! How the hell do they ever see the time? Such is progress...


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