Monday, May 07, 2007

North Miami Mayor KEVIN BURNS Needs YOUR Vote

We're down to the wire now with the election on Tuesday, May 8th. There's only one contested race, which probably means a smaller than usual turnout. A lot of us already voted. They had early voting at the North Miami Public Library and mail-in type absentee ballots were widely distributed by about every civic organization in town. Monkette and I have been driving around town trying to convince people that their vote is important even if there's only one race on the ballot.

The choice comes down to re-electing Mayor Kevin Burns who's done a lot for the city during his two years in office and has a vision and plans for the future, or electing Jean Monestime whose strong point is finding fault with everything that Kevin has done or plans on doing. Jean lost the last time and we're hoping that history repeats itself. Vote for Kevin Burns. You'll be glad you did. If you want more details read my last few days postings.

Now on to a new subject. The silver and turquiose bracelet with the two bear claws that I'm wearing in the photo has become a conversation piece since I started wearing it again. The ladies seem to really notice it! Even women I've never met before, strangers really, remark to me about it and tell me how beautiful it is. I end up in long conversations with them about it. Here's the story about the bracelet.

I bought it on a vacation to the southwest in 1973, and I wore it for a year or two until I cut my shaggy hair, bought some suits and ties, and said goodby to my hippie days. Since those huge Social Security checks started rolling in a bit over a year ago I've grown a beard, let my hair resume its curly state of disarray, and swapped suit and tie for rumpled fishing shirts and faded jeans. What goes around comes around. And as I was cleaning out the clutter I found the bracelet after its 30+ years of hiding. I figured "What the heck!" and started wearing it again. Since then I've been feeling better, I have more energy, and I have no complaints about all the women flirting with me either. It must be the spirit residing in the bear claws.

A final reminder! Don't forget to vote for Kevin Burns. Let's keep the momentum going. Let's make North Miami a better city.


Blogger George said...

Ya know, as soon as I saw that pic I knew that bracelet was a chick magnet.

Keep up the good work and snaps Al.


10:20 PM  

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