Sunday, May 06, 2007

Please Vote For Mayor Kevin Burns ~ He's My Daddy.

Kevin's adopted daughter Autumn is an old hand on the campaign trail. She was right there beside him two years ago when he first ran for mayor of North Miami. Now, once again, she's asking everybody and anybody to please vote for her daddy.

She wasn't the least bit shy about getting up there in front of the crowd at his campaign kick-off party. She's not the least bit shy at all when it comes to campaigning .

In this photograph Kevin is talking about his vision for the future of the city. Sure, he talks about all the things that have been accomplished during his first term as mayor, but he's not resting on his laurels. We have a new school in the city with three more under construction. He also has plans for improving the parks, enlarging the library, increasing code enforcement, making the police department more effective, simplifying the permitting process, all things designed to make North Miami more "user friendly" for our residents.

Please take Autumn's advice on Tuesday. Vote for her daddy. Touch #60 on the touch screen voting machine. She doesn't want you to forget! And she thanks you.


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