Saturday, May 05, 2007

North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns Needs Your Vote To Get Re-Elected!

In the forty or so years I've been following local politics one thing has become painfully clear. This penchant for holding local elections in the spring benefits nobody. Even worse, the various cities and towns can't even decide on the same day for elections. At least if North Miami, Miami Shores, Biscayne Park, and North Miami Beach all had the same election day the newspapers and TV stations would treat it as a bigger deal and perhaps motivate more people to go to the polls.
In the election next Tuesday we have a choice of re-electing Kevin Burns for two more years, or electing Jean Monestime. I have two big problems with casting my vote for Jean. Number one is that noplace in any of his campaign literature does he say what he plans to do for the city. The man is seemingly without any dreams or desires that go beyond getting himself elected. Number two is the racial and ethnic devisivness of his campaign, pitting his Haitian constituants against everybody else, even other blacks. The main thrust of his literature is spewing half truths about everything that Kevin has accomplished.
I got the little American flag at the Fourth of July festivities last year. When I noticed that Kevin's bumper stickers were "poster sized" in relation to this little toy monkey I thought "Oh wow! What neat photographs I could make!" I'll probably post a few more in the next several days, and I'm planning on taking that little monkey to Kevin's victory party Tuesday night. It's up to you to make sure that there is a victory, so get your friends and neighbors fired up and enthused enough to join you at the polls come Tuesday. Your vote really does count! Thanks.


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