Friday, May 11, 2007

My Former Frau

It's probably twenty years now since Claudia and I split up and she bought her own house, all very civil of course, and she didn't move out until she'd closed on her house. After a few more years we actually did get a divorce, but we're still best friends and her two dogs consider me Daddy, getting all excited when they hear my truck turn the corner on to her street.

Well, on this morning they'd gotten all excited, I played with them a bit, then I had a cup of coffee and some home baked goodies, and off we went to Home Depot. I have a pickup truck and that was the reason for my being so welcome. Claudia wanted to pick up some bamboo stakes and some four by eight foot lattice panels for the garden in her back yard. She wanted to get the project completed before her annual trip to visit her parents in Karlsruhe, Germany. Here she's carrying the bamboo in the garden shop, then we went into the main store to get the latice panels.

Yesterday she called to tell me that she was safely back from Germany. I stopped by this morning for coffee and to say "Hi" but the dogs were so happy with her being home that they ignored me. Completely ignored me!


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