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Unexpected Links To The Price Of Silver

Occasionally I'll do a Google search of some of the things I've written just to see where they rank compared to perhaps a Miami Herald article on the same subject. I've become quite adept at picking and using "key words" so I tend to get high rankings with Google's search engine. Last night, just for the hell of it I tried using the Germanic spelling of photography, fotografie, along with my name, just to see what the search might produce. It came up with these two websites. Ain't life exciting?
04 august 2006

Al Kaplan's blog
Al Kaplan er en prominent bidragsyder på Leica Photography forum. Al har sin egen blog The Price of Silver som nyligt blev fremhævet af Yahoo Picks. Jeg anbefaler at du ta'r et kig.
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Med en 15 mm får fotografen plats själv i bildenPublished July 2nd, 2005 in Foto
Al Kaplan har fått upp en ny bildsida: amerikansk socialrealism med cigaretter och fotografen själv i bild. Bra användning av 15 mm:s vidvinkel. Fler bilder här.
If you prefer Spanish then here's another link that I found:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Al! Nice to see that you found my post about your site! Some of my shots are here.

4:46 AM  

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