Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rogue Cop Terrorizes North Miami Area Residents, Sabotages Governor Crist's Town Hall Meeting

I got the Email notifying me about last night's town hall meeting:

"From Scott Galvin (just received it)>Governor Charlie Crist>> Property Tax Town Hall Meeting>> Monday, May 14> 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm>> North Miami Senior High Auditorium> 800 NE 137 Street>> Free and Open to the Public!"

When I got over there I parked on N.E. 9th Ave. next to the small parking lot outside the auditorium. As I tried to walk into the parking lot a cop at the gate snarled (yes snarled!) at me with a "Where do you think you're going?" When I told him that I was heading for the town hall meeting he told me I wasn't going to get in there. I told him that I'd been invited and he said he could care less, he wasn't going to let me in. I said that it was supposed to be open to the public. He said he wasn't letting anybody in. As I walked back to my truck I noticed all the "Town Hall Meeting" signs along the fence. Then my cell rang. It was Rudy telling me that he was having coffee at Starbucks and Governor Crist was having a cup at the next table.

I went home, trying to find out who this uppity self important guy in blue represented. It seems that four police agencies were involved in security. North Miami, Miami-Dade County, the school police, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Nobody is willing to fess up and say who put this guy there. If you give a specific time and location of the whereabouts of an officer you'd think that somebody assigned him there. But WHO assigned him? Just lots of tap dancing on the part of the various departments.

I notified the Miami Herald, exchanged a few Emails, got called back from a reporter wanting more details, and then I sent an Email to everybody that had gotten the invitation Email that I'd received, saying what had happened to me. Soon I received an Email from a woman at nearby Barry University. She too had been denied access at the same gate as I tried.

This morning I found out that the actual turn-out for the meeting was only about fifty people at most because nobody could get into the school via the entrance next to the auditorium, the logical entrance to use. The high school had gotten students out of the night school classes and away from their studies to fill the auditorium.

I guess if Monkette and I had just gone to Starbucks as usual...Oh well, Governor Charlie Crist really doesn't need a framed 8x10 photo on his office wall shaking hands with Monkette, does he?


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