Wednesday, May 16, 2007

President Bill Clinton Got To Shake Al Kaplan's Hand ~ Florida Governor Charlie Crist Didn't

This photo was taken at a fund raiser for Congressman Alcee Hastings about six years ago. Mr. Kaplan had been photographing a lot of the big contributers shaking hands with President Bill Clinton, then handed the camera off to somebody else to get a shot with himself shaking Bill's hand.

He'd planned on doing the same thing a couple of nights ago with Florida Governor Charlie Crist when he was in North Miami for a Town Hall Meeting, but some cop with an overly inflated ego must have mistaken Mr. Kaplan and a bunch of other influental members of the community for terrorists or something, and denied them entry. (See yesterdays post immediately below.)

Anyway, if you happen to notice that there's no framed photograph of Al Kaplan shaking hands with Governor Crist on the wall the next time you're in the Governor's office blame that cop. Mr. Kaplan is a an easy going likeable guy, and he even allowed a Republican, Governor Jeb Bush, to be photographed shaking his hand on two seperate occasions a number of years apart.


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