Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Annual Trip To The Vet

A few weeks ago it was time for Claudia's two dogs to get their annual check-up and their shots. They've both known me since they were little puppies so I get drafted to go along, each of us with one dog on a leash. Somehow they seemed to know where we're going even before I started to drink the coffee that Claudia had poured for me, and they got all nervous and hyper. They really didn't want to go!

Here we're in the examination room. Claudia is looking over at the dog that I'm trying to keep calm, the vet is scribbling on the other dog's chart, while the guy by the window is doing his best to restrain the dog on the table. Neither dog had worms and they both checked out healthy. They got their shots and shiny new tags for their collars. They sure were glad to get out of that place!


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