Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thank You Todd Frederick

Yup, a nearby bolt of lightning fried a major phone cable and I was off line for a couple of days. What's going on here is my beloved, Dawn (on the far left) and I stepped outside this classic 1949's style diner to joinn the waitress for a cigarette break.

Todd did a great job holding the fort while I stared at my nonfunctiing computer. Here's what he wrote:
"Al is suffering from "connectial dysfunction" at this time due to Florida's awesome and unpredictable climate. I am Todd Frederick (world famous photographer), and I post Al's blog photos on his behalf. Al asked me to let you know that when the phone lines are on again he will write text for the photos. Until then, feel free to visit my blog which is desperately in need of up-dating here: I am much more into experimental (weird) photography than Al is and I like to play around with ways to manipulate the image in the camera. Enjoy and Blessings. Al will return very soon, but the photos will continue!"


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