Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movers And Shakers ~ Walter Mondale And Nick Buoniconti

The Walter Mondale shot was taken back when the Miami Dolphins didn't yet have their own stadium and still played at the Orange Bowl. Dolphin linebacker Nick Buoniconti had an office in downtown Miami. Former North Miami mayor Mike Colodny called and wanted me to meet him at Nick's office to shoot some pictures. Mondale was there. It was a strategy session for the South Florida aspects of the upcoming presidential campaign. At the time there was a bunch of brand new construction in downtown Miami replacing older buildings from the thirties and forties and we decided to go on the balcony outside of Nick's office to depict this in some of the photos.

At that time I was mostly using a Leica M4 and still hadn't given up my black paint Wetzlar 8 element 35/2 Summicron to a drooling collector. It was shot on Tri-X. Mike Colodny used to encourage me to stop dressing like a hippy, cut my hair, and buy some quality suits and ties. It did make a difference! Thanks Mike.

Nick Buoniconti was a Hall of Fame linebacker with the Miami Dolphins.


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