Saturday, May 26, 2007

Autumn In The Springtime

For some long forgotten reason North Miami has elections in May. This was shot at a party a week or two before the election, with Mayor Kevin Burns, hands on hips, chatting with some of his loyal supporters as his daughter Autumn is engrossed with a little electronic game in her lap.

There were good munchies, no drink stronger than sangria was served, we got to hear various people heaping well deserved accolades on the mayor, and we got to hear Kevin's plans for the city's future during his second term in the mayor's seat.

I really miss the old days when I shot pictures for the newspaper. Since I was really "covering" the elections back then I got to attend all of the candidates parties. This year the two incumbants on the city council ran unopposed, and since I was openly backing Kevin I couldn't very well go to his opponent's functions. Not at all like when I'd get to attend three or four or more parties a week, for weeks on end, stuffing myself on goodies in between shooting photographs. No, this year, for weeks on end, I actually had to pay for almost everything that I consumed.
Congratulations on your re-eletion, Kevin! The city is going to be in good hands for two more years.


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