Saturday, June 02, 2007

Newspapers Today~ Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

I'd gone to meet my friend Jim for lunch. He now works as an editor at the Herald's Broward Bureau, not too far south of the Palm Beach County line. There's not much out there, that far west. Just a few years ago, before some massive drainage projects, this was the Everglades, sawgrass prairie with a foot or two of water, wading birds and alligators to feast upon them. Mosquitos too, to feast upon the people.

Now there's the newspaper office and the North Broward Detention Facility across the expansive parking area. I don't imagine that the inmates get many visitors this far out from civilization. On the other hand an escape would probably require a ten mile hike to find a bus. We had quite a long drive just to find a restaurant to eat lunch


Blogger Niels H. S. Nielsen said...

Hi Al, Thanks for your note on my blog at
I have noticed your contributions on over the years, and was thrilled to see your work back in late 2005 when you started your blog. The combination of excellent and very personal photographs with your well written observations of current and past Miami matters is highly enjoyable - even in far away places such as in Denmark where I live - your blog deserves many readers.

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