Friday, June 08, 2007

More Burns, More Monkey Business

It was still a few weeks before the election and Monkette decided that she didn't really need another coffee just yet. Instead she directed me to park the truck facing U.S. 1 with the the back of the truck not only facing the outdoor patio at Starbucks, but putting it in a perfect position for everybody going through the drive-through lane to see her waving at them from her perch on the seatback between the two campaign signs. She gave everybody her big silly grin as they smiled back at her.

She complained about the early morning chill and the air conditioning blowing on her back. I took one of those black Kevin Burns For Mayor T-shirts and wrapped it around her and over her shoulders. Then she bitched because nobody had thought to order any in medium or large monkey sizes. There's just no satisfying some monkeys. Maybe it's just a woman thing.

Now she's all excited that Nadine O'Hara is sending Monkey back here next week. Monkette has really been missing him bad! We should be posting some of Nadine's photos of Monkey's latest trip pretty soon. Then Monkey will be going to Winter Springs, FL for a few weeks of photography and adventure with Bill Carpenter.


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