Monday, June 18, 2007

Four Dedicated Parking Places ~ That's Dedication

There's a municipal parking lot between the alley and N.E. 8th Ave. behind the North Miami Chamber of Commerce building. Four spaces closest to the Chamber have have signs saying "Chamber of Commerce Parking Only". These days it's pretty rare to have a need those four dedicated parking places. Up until fairly recently the entire lot was fpretty much full. The public library a block to the north has its own lot but across the avenue was a municipal swimming pool, a county fire/rescue station, the city's police station, and a middle school. Parking was at a premium in the neighborhood!

The police department is now in a brand new building several blocks away while new schools and various recreational facilities are under construction. About all that's left standing, and that's temporary, is the old fire station. Without people around nobody needs to park a car.

I stop by about every week, either just to say "hi" and play with Penney's little dog or to use the copy machine. On this particular morning I'd stopped off to check my Email on their computer. A lightning storm had fried my modem the day before and my computer was spending the day at the repair shop. Both coming and going I got cornered by somebody or another wanting to chat about various things. Life goes on...


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