Thursday, August 30, 2007

Damn! Aletha Is A Fairy With Magical Powers?

While a whole bunch of us have been protesting FP&L's plans to run high tension wires on 120 foot tall concrete poles down 135th street old Monkey decided that Monkette could carry his little sign for him. Monkey was going to do some heavy duty on-line research, trying to find out some information about our opponents.

When he Googled "Aletha" he came up with this link which includes " The three characters are Raiko a ninja warrior, Aletha who is a half-fairy, and Katzhai a bird-man. Each of the characters have specific fighting techniques and will develop new techniques with practice."

It hardly seems fair for a big powerful corporation like FP&L, complete with lawyers and lobbyists, to bring in the supernatural as well. Well, OK we have a couple of toy monkeys working on our side, true enough, but they're hardly in the same league with fairies like Aletha Player. I always figured that fairies could simply wave their magic wands and "POOF!" the wires would be underground!

They really ought to consider the safety and well being of Katzhai the bird-man. Can you just imagine the mess he'd make all over 135th Street if he flew into those wires at night? At least if they used the Florida East Coast R.R. right of way we'd just have Blood On The Tracks, and that's been around since 1975.

(Thank you, Bob Dylan)


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