Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Enjoying The Night Air

Sometimes I like to just sit alone at night. I've had my fill of people and idle chit-chat. I shot this a few days ago just before Starbucks closed for the night, but I made sure that my cup was still near full when I left for home. I love coffee and no, it doesn't keep me awake. I'm immune to the stuff, but it sure tastes good!

This evening I'd continued with my "New Image" ploy, put on a different suit and tie than I wore last night, and went to the city council meeting. I stayed just a bit longer than it took for the council to rubber stamp the decisions we'd made at the Board of Adjustment meeting a week earlier. Most board members don't go to the council meetings, but somehow I feel that if the council sees me sitting there staring back at them they're more likely to go along with our decisions. Probably not, but it sure makes me feel good, and they did go along with them. Then I went and had my coffee.

When I got home I discovered a new comment posted on my blog.

"Andrés Borbón has left a new comment on your post "Girls In Black Dresses...": Nice shot... really nice. That 15mm lens is a miracle. I've been reading your blog since... Oh mi God!... six hours! It is a great volume of personal thoughts, a terrific amount of Photographical expertise... It is really enjoyable... Congrats, from Mexico Posted by Andrés Borbón to The Price of Silver at 5:05 AM "

That made me feel really good! Thanks, Andres! I tried to check out your blog but I don't read Spanish.


Blogger Karol said...

Hi Al, it's Carol, one of the friendly Keystone baristas. Just dropping by to say hello and to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog, it's quite entertaining. Well, I'm going back to California in a few days and I'm definitely spreading the word about you in Claremont. If I don't see you before I leave, take care and send my regards to Monkey and Monkette. I'll be back in December so see ya then!

7:30 AM  

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