Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Coffee, Good Company, Good Conversation

There's not really much of a story here. The sky darkened, I grabbed my umbrella and made a mad dash from parking lot to Starbucks right before the heavens opened up. The two ladies are regulars and invited me to join them at their table. They were in no great hurry to leave for fear of getting their hair wet. We caught up on who's done what lately and bitched about the unpredictable summertime weather in Miami. We discussed what was going on with the local political scene.

A short time later the sun started peeking out, briefly at first, but within half an hour the sky was a clear blue, puddles covered the ground, the blissful relief of the breeze was gone, and the ninety-something degree temperature was augmented by ninety-something percent relative humidity. I said my goodbies and made a mad dash to the air conditioned interior of my truck.


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