Sunday, August 12, 2007

Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride...

For 567 consecutive days I've posted a photo or two and written about it. On this 568th day I'm taking the night off! Instead of writing, I'd planned on going outside on this clear moonless night to watch the Perseid meteor shower. After midnight the sky got progressivly more cloudy. I managed to see one streak across the gap between two clouds, but I soon gave up and concentrated on business. Business at 2 A.M.? Why booking a wedding, of course.

I'd received an Email about 11 P.M. from a woman whose parents still live in North Miami. Her brother is getting married here at the Greek Orthodox Church. I never did ask her how she first found out about me, whether by stumbling across my blog or from one of the members of the church, but she liked my light hearted sense of humor, my photographic style, the way I write about Monkey and Monkette as if they're real people, or what.

I kiddingly suggested includingthe monkeys in the wedding party and she replied that she hadn't quite gotten up the nerve to ask me that...LOL Just think, Monkette in a pretty little bridesmaid dress, or being a flower girl! What great possibilities for some fun photos! She's going to discuss it with her brother and his fiancee. Of course I'd include some more conventional photos as well, like family groups sans the monkeys.

Now I'm thinking that instead of a conventional photos-only wedding album we could do photos and text just like the blog, and print it out with the text included right on the prints. Make it look like a magazine layout. This just might revolutionize the wedding photography business!


Blogger Jessica said...

You're right. Comments aren't really included in photo albums. They organise scrapbook style, or they do that "coffee table" book. Looks more like a kindergartner's collage to me. I could've done that on! Now, magazine-style is interesting. Don't know if my brother would go for that, though. I was a yearbook editor in high school. I get it.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Reza Pirooz Far said...

woooow, Al, I think you are full of nice cute innovative ideas all the time. If I had known this plan definitely I would have done something like this for our wedding album! Good luck man

5:03 AM  

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