Monday, August 06, 2007

Grumpy Old Men, Please Spare Me The Details...

Since Monkette got interested in politics earlier this year she's always bugging me to take her to the meetings that I attend. It took awhile to teach her that sometimes there are questions best left unasked until afterwards, when it's just the two of us driving home in the truck together. A few meetings before this one she asked why all the other guys my age have big bellies and are losing what little (mostly grey) hair that still graces their heads.

She's already used to the fact that guys make fun of me for often carrying around a toy monkey at my age, but I told her that thinking and acting young might be a large part of the reason for my flat tummy and profuse growth of hair. That and the near starvaton diet I maintain. For some reason I don't ever seem to get hungry. I eat mostly because I suddenly realize that it's mid afternoon and I haven't eaten any lunch as yet. Then as I think about it, it occurs to me that all I had for breakfast was two cups of black coffee before I left the house and another cup with cream and sugar mid morning at Starbucks. Hell, I live on coffee!

Of course a lot of those guys ask me the secret of staying thin and maintaining a luxuriant mop of curly hair too. Sometimes I tell them that it's hangin' out with young chicks together with all the pot I used to smoke back when I was a young wild and crazy guy. Sometimes I tell them the truth, it's having a toy monkey that loves me. Thanks Monkette. I love you too!


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