Sunday, July 29, 2007

"One Enchanted Evening...

you will meet a stranger..."

The lyrics are from a song when I was still a little kid. I have no idea who sang it. Frank Sinatra maybe? Anyway, I'm always heading out in the evening, daytime too, and meeting strangers. I try to be a friendly sort, and a guy my age carrying around a toy monkey really has no trouble meeting ladies. Guys give me strange looks for sure! But the women always start the conversation.

This was in the new Starbucks in front of the art museum. I was there for the Friday night concert in the plaza. We went into Starbucks for some coffee and Monkette got all the attention. That's the downside of being pals with a toy monkey. Still, it beats being alone, and Monkette isn't much of a conversationalist, so the hour or so the three of us spent together there was quite enjoyable.

[Todd Frederick Emailed me this information: "Ezio Pinza in South Pacific with Mary Martin. Song: One Enchanted Evening."]


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